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London Run


Chickenshed Inclusive Theatre, May 2013




Cockpit Theatre, June 2013


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London Reviews



“Superbly performed by Jaye Griffiths and sensitively directed by Guy Slater, this is a four-star event that deserves the widest possible audience and movingly vindicates the monologue form.”



Evening Standard Review 23rd May – FOUR STARS

“Passionate and moving… with a heart breaking sense of authenticity.”–theatre-review-8629256.html



The Public Reviews – 05/06/13 – FOUR STARS

Jaye Griffiths “is tender, angry, forlorn and wickedly funny … this is, without doubt, a piece of work that will affect every audience that sees it”



Everything Theatre 07/06/13 – FOUR STARS

“One thing Don’t Wake Me can’t be accused of is sentimentality … Jaye Griffiths kept the audience enthralled … she was funny, subtle, exuded joy as well as despair… A soul wrenching performance.”



One Stop Arts 07/06/2013- FIVE STARS

“You’ll struggle to find a better piece of theatre.”



Performance Reviewed 12/06/2013

“A phenomenally powerful dramatic work… I cannot urge you to see it strongly enough…”



Teen Theatre Reviews 11/06/2013: Storme Toolis, actress with Cerebral Palsy, says:

“Tough show to review – a one woman piece about a mother with a son who has cerebral palsy (I have it too) who tragically dies at the age of 15. Made even more powerful by the fact it was a true story this has to be one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen on disability. I went with my mum and she seemed to find it much tougher than I did, I know no different, I’ve always been the way I am and I love it.”


Little Theatre Girl 11/06/2013

“There were triumphs and victories that were harrowing, uplifting, mundane, extraordinary, optimistic and depressing in this tale of shape shifting dragons.”



Jo Suthers- 19/6/13

“This is one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I have ever seen. This emotional roller-coaster is beautifully written in verse and yet the strength of the poetry is not diluted by the inclusion of Gupta’s factual journey, meandering through the peaks and troughs of hope and disappointment. Despite digging into the depths of her heart and sharing such a personal and heart-wrenching journey, Gupta’s skill for poetic life writing stands out as exemplary.”



Disability Horizons 20/06/2013

“I am thankful to this brave writer for opening my mind and teaching me about the deeper layers of living with disability.”



Disability Arts Online 22/06/2013

“A mother took on the responsibility of writing a play about her dead son. She wrote something beautiful, true and so nearly perfect. She carried her son’s voice forward. Jaye Griffiths took the ‘bundle’ in her hands and gave an extraordinary performance. Now, for just a few lines, the responsibility is mine: It’s a wonderful piece of work, and deserves to be widely seen.”